Can I use Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips in my Bar?
YES! Our fly strips can be placed in areas approved in our label directions which include lavatories, mop closets and floor drains.

Can I place Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips behind my service bar?
YES! Our fly strips may be used in these areas for continuous protection and treatment when the employee is not present for more than 4 consecutive hours. Overnight and/or periodic use is recommended.

What do I do with the strips when I'm not using them but I've already removed them from their package?
EASY! Simply place the Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strip back into it's foil packet, fold over the opened end at least twice and seal with tape until next use. We do not recommend storing Fruit Fly Bar Pro in zip lock bags. The efficacy of our fly strips is better protected in our foil-lined packet.

Are Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips safe?
YES! Like any other pesticide product on the market, when used in accordance with label directions, Fruit Fly
Bar Pro Fly Strips do not pose a risk to humans and other mammals due the extremely low dosage of DDVP present.

What is DDVP?
DDVP is the active ingredient in Fruit Fly Bar Pro. DDVP is 2,2 –Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate.

Was DDVP ever banned?
NO! DDVP was never banned as a registered product. In fact, uses continue in agriculture to protect stored products and commodities such as stored grains and foodstuffs.

How does the DDVP in Fruit Fly Bar Pro work?
Once removed from it's foil package, the impregnated resin (Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strip) slowly releases DDVP vapors which is a cholinesterase inhibitor that acts on the pest's nervous system. Pests that are exposed to vapors from Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips are destroyed.

Is there an odor from the vapor?
NO! Fruit Fly Bar Pro vapors are virtually undetectable by humans and pests.

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