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About Us:

After spending nearly 2 decades in the restaurant industry, the members of Fruit Fly Bar Pro turned our focus on the great war of pest infestation in the industry and also in local residences.  Spending thousands of hard-earned dollars annually treating the unfortunate problem that most food-related establishments have during those summer and harvest months, we understood more than anyone that something needed to be done.  All the products we tried failed.  All the exterminators we tried failed.  There must be something or someone that can do something to fight this savage beast commonly known as the ‘fruit fly’. 

After extensive research, we are proud to offer a solution…..that works.  Our company Fruit Fly Bar Pro is providing the availability to the only consumer friendly product in creation that has the ability to treat, control and protect your business, your home and your office from unwanted insects continuously and safely.  Our chemists have designed  a clean, odorless, deep penetrating vapor technology, which is time released, that has been tested and proven in the treatment of a variety of insects.  Our main target being the unwanted ‘bar fly’, studies have also shown dramatic results for the treatment and elimination of other species of flies, cockroaches, spiders, moths, silverfish and gnats. 

Coinciding with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, we are finally ready to offer this amazing product to the public and are eager to receive the great feedback Fruit Fly Bar Pro Fly Strips deserves.  Thank you for visiting our site and good luck with our product!
1-888-282-3079 or 631-237-1414